We can't believe we've been partying it up every Thursday for two whole fantastic years at The Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club!

Lets all take a moment to remember all the the good times, the bonding, the redbull vodkas, the sidewalk freestlye sessions, the love, the fire, the gaps in memory, and most importantly - the AMAZING talent that we've been so lucky to host over the past two years.

When we first envisioned waking up the west side with weekly dance music events, we could never have even imagined such an enthusiastic response. Now the time has come to pass the torch.

To our artists, to our lovely hosts at The Central SAPC, to our various partners in crime, and to YOU, our awesome partygoers - THANK YOU! We could never have done it without you and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

For Photos and Videos of the last VS ft. Doorly, 12th Planet, Crookers, Congo Rock, and Skrillex:

Michael Melwani Photos

Caesar Sebastian Photos


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